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Welcome to our first Bog entry. This will be an overview of The Village REALTORS® Web site, highlighting some of the features that we hope you find beneficial/useful.
In the future we encourage you to send in questions that you might have about the community or Real Estate and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.
Also, our BLOG format will change some to allow you to directly comment on topics in a timely manner (we are just waiting for the right technology). For example, when there are San Lorenzo Village Board Elections, we will encourage board members wishing your votes, to put their positions on line here and you will be able to comment on their “promises and positions’. We cannot guarantee that they will but hey, how about a little accountability. We hope that the discussions are ‘LIVELY’ and respectful.
About our Web site:  This website is truly useful and easy to navigate. It is my belief that the more understandable and useful real estate information you have, the better consumer you will become. We have ALL the possible real estate tools you might need to educate yourself about the Selling and Buying process. Real estate questions such as ‘What are homes in my area selling for?’ ‘What is my home worth?” ‘What is an escrow and what happens there?’ ‘If I am thinking of buying, what do I qualify for?’ We have tried to narrow the information down and ‘SIMPLFY’ it.
Our “Featured Homes’ section has picture slide shows of homes that we have or that we have sold which is also great location to just browse. Our section on “Find a Dream Home’ allows you to VISUALLY view homes in San Lorenzo or anywhere in Alameda or Contra Costa County making it fun and informative. It also allows you to find out ‘in a general way’ what homes somewhat like yours are selling for.
The ‘Community Center’ is especially interesting. Want to know about you community’s history or about the various community groups like who is on their board or when and where do they meet, this is the spot. You can also, check out our ‘Community Yellow Pages or the “F.A. (Frequently Asked For) Phone list to get the phone # for the county or waste management. Want to know about our schools? A new feature here will be “YOUR VILLAGE NEIGHBORS’ pictures and a bit if information on people of interest. If you have/know someone that should be highlighted, provide us a picture and some info. And, if appropriate, with their permission, we will make them a Star! We also have a special Google map so you can find your neighbors street for directions, in a jiffy. Our “Community Calendar” is available just for you; have a birthday or just want know when something is happening, let us know and we will post it as time allows. This is especially important if you belong to an organization and want to post meetings, times and locations.
“Articles of Interest and Video Real Estate Library” is all about Real Estate. We are just building this section and while we have many articles on real estate, we will have many more. The Video section is current in production and will take several months to complete.
One of my favorite sections is the ‘Reserve Your Garage Sale Signs’ on line. I know, ‘Tom, get a life” but really, while we do get advertisement from the signs we really have them to help keep our community free of postings on the utility poles and fences. You can actually order on line and pick them up later in the week. Our signs are limited in # so this assures you that if signs are available when we receive your request, you will get them. You may also sign up here for our Annual Spring and Fall Sweep Garage Sale months in advance. These events are fun and will be promoted on Craig’s list!
Lastly, but certainly not least ‘Contact Us’ if you have any Real Estate question; just email us. While we certainly want your business we are not here to ‘BUG’ you. If we can help we will certainly try. Thank you San Lorenzo Village for you warm welcome back. Our commitment to you is to be here for you as ‘YOUR LOCAL FAMILY REAL ESTATE COMPANY’ because, to us as to you, ‘YOUR FAMILY does MATTER MOST’.
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